PLNTM 044 National Fireworks Championship 17 - 18 August 2022


King's Harbour Master Plymouth

LNTM No 044/22







1.       This notice is a direction by the Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth pursuant to the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 2020. It is issued jointly with The Cattewater Harbour Commissioners.


2.         The 2022 British Fireworks Competitions will take place from Mount Batten Breakwater on Wed 17 and Thu 18 Aug 22 starting at 2130 each evening. 


3.         During the displays, fireworks will be projected from Mount Batten Breakwater towards the north. Additionally, spent fireworks may fall in the vicinity during the display. To minimise risk to waterborne spectators an exclusion zone is established 200 metres to the North, South and West of Mount Batten Breakwater on each day between the hours of 2100 and 2300, or as determined by competition timings. The zone is indicated on the chartlet at Annex A. Should weather conditions dictate, it may be necessary to tailor or extend the exclusion zone to safeguard craft and spectators. In any case the exclusion zone will remain in force for 20 minutes on completion of the final display until checks confirm that any remaining fireworks are safe. 


4.         During the period 2100 - 2240 or as directed by Longroom Port Control Station, all craft, whether carrying spectators or in transit are to keep clear of the exclusion zone. Official marshal craft will patrol the area boundaries and invite spectators or other craft to remain clear of the exclusion zone. Marshal craft will display an illuminated blue flag and an amber flashing light to aid identification. A static marshal craft may be moored to delineate the northern limit of the zone. Policing craft will direct vessels that ignore the marshals’ invitation to remain clear of the exclusion zone. Mariners are reminded that failure to comply with official direction by the Officers of the Queen’s Harbour Master, which includes MOD Police Officers, Devon and Cornwall Police, Cattewater Harbour Master, and Sutton Harbour Lock keepers, may result in prosecution.


5.         Masters and skippers of craft are reminded to be particularly vigilant during the actual displays when there is a high risk of being distracted from the demands of navigational safety.


6.         Access to or from the Cattewater for large commercial vessels will not be permitted immediately preceding, during, and after the displays. For information Brittany Ferry (Armorique) is scheduled to depart Millbay docks to sea via Asia Pass at 2200 on 18 Aug 22. Mariners are to navigate with particular caution and give the vessel a wide berth where possible during this event.


7.         Cancel this Notice on 19 Aug 22.

12 Aug 22


Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth

Should wind conditions dictate it may be necessary to tailor or enlarge the Fireworks Exclusion Zone.  Mariners are to comply with the directions given by units of the Queen’s Harbour Master, Cattewater Harbour Master and Ministry of Defence Police.


Monday 15 Aug 2022