Maritime Reserves

The Maritime Reserve is made up of two vital, valued forces: the Royal Naval Reserve, and the Royal Marines Reserve. Together, they support our regular personnel, combining a courageous career in the Forces with everyday civilian life. Committed, skilled and exceptionally dedicated, they are the people we call on in times of tension, humanitarian crisis, or conflict.

What is the Maritime Reserve?

The Maritime Reserve is a unique force of trained, committed, highly-valued civilians from a hugely diverse range of backgrounds. These trained, skilled people stand alongside our regulars, protecting our nation’s interests. That might mean anything from getting involved in conflict operations, to counter-terrorism and anti-piracy work. Reservists also provide security at sea and humanitarian assistance across the globe.

Why do we need a Maritime Reserve force?

Having a highly skilled, exercise-sharpened Maritime Reserve the Royal Navy can draw from in times of stress or crisis gives the UK the security and peace of mind we need. However, as these part-time civilian specialists aren’t on the payroll 24/7/365, the Maritime Reserve provides the capability we need to protect and serve, whilst being as efficient as possible with taxpayers’ money.

Royal Maritime Reserves

Royal Naval Reserve

The Royal Naval Reserve are skilled, highly-trained civilians who serve part-time. We draw on this team of 3000 when our regulars need support. Whether distributing aid or fighting cyber terrorism, they are a valued force for good.

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Royal Marines Reserve

The elite amphibious element of our Maritime Reserves. These part-time but fully trained Commandos complete the same course as Regular Marines, so it's no surprise they make up just 1% of our nation's overall tri-service reservists.

Meet the Royal Marines Reserves