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Royal navy careers

Royal navy careers

A job in the Royal Navy means adventure, camaraderie, and lifelong prospects. Every day is different, whether you‘re policing oceans, delivering aid during disasters, or engaged in combat. Join us and be a key part of global operations. Ready for adventure?

Royal Navy submariner wearing stands in a purple-lit control room


It’s about being ready

Few careers come with this much responsibility. The Royal Navy is key to protecting our nation’s interests across the world. Our people – people like you – are prepared to act at a moment’s notice, all in the name of serving our country. Have you got what it takes to make a difference?
Royal Navy personnel looking towards the camera smiling during a replenishment at sea


Become a part of something special.

We’re over 30,000 men and women from all walks of life. And our strength lies in the diversity of our people. It’s the kind of career you can be proud of. Using your natural skills and developing new ones to help protect our nation. It’s not for everyone – but it could be for you.
Royal Navy crewmember stands proudly on the deck


What you put in is what you get out.

The Royal Navy gives you the opportunity to shape the career you want. How far you go is up to you. But at an uncertain time in an uncertain world, the passion of our people has never been so important.
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Royal Navy

Protecting our nation’s interests, all over the world. That’s what we do every day, in lots of different ways. See how you can make a difference.
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Royal Marines showcasing the new Commando Uniform
RFA Tidespring conducts her first ever RAS with a Royal Navy Warship HMS Sutherland in the background

Royal Fleet Auxiliary

As part of a non combat civilian-crew you will get training throughout your career, while going to places you never thought you'd visit. This is life at sea like you never imagined it.
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