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Unparalleled reach

Positioned at hotspots all over the globe.

We’re uniquely placed to eliminate threats and support humanitarian disasters by sea, land and air.

Fit for tomorrow

We’re mission-ready when our people are trained to the highest standards, equipped with world-leading tech and supported to perform at their very best.

Ready to respond

Fierce fighters and cutting-edge equipment.

If diplomacy fails or disaster hits, we have the power and agility to act at a moment’s notice.

You could be

Made in the Royal Navy

A couple of persons do a backflip into the sea off the HMS St Albans during the Hands To Bathe


The world is your office

A career in the Royal Navy could really take you places.

From training in the Arctic tundra to surveillance operations in the Indian ocean: adventure awaits.

Persons walk by the Wildcat helicopter during a training exercise


Benefits beyond pay

Exciting career opportunities. Support for your whole family. Unrivalled sense of community. Your commitment to our cause deserves rewards like no other.

Incident board operator marks emergencies on a plan on a board during an exercise


Become your best

Take learning on the job to a new level. Get paid to gain qualifications, embark on personal challenges, and learn from some of the best sailors in the world.

Make a difference

You’ll do the unseen and experience the unknown.

Wherever life in the Royal Navy takes you, there’s one guarantee: you’ll play a vital role in keeping maritime trade flowing, protecting our nation’s interests and maintaining global peace.

What we do

Get exceptional benefits

A competitive salary is just the start.

With generous holiday allowances, subsidised housing, healthcare and invaluable community support, we’re committed to supporting you and your family at every stage of your Royal Navy career.

Pay & benefits

Learn new skills

Get paid to learn from world experts every day - all while gaining new qualifications, exploring new career paths and experiencing once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

We’ll support you to thrive in the Royal Navy, and beyond.

Image in a dark setting with monitors all around shows a Royal Navy crewmember wearing a headset looking sideways
Royal Navy rating sits at the desk writing