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What we do

What we do

Doing the unseen. Venturing into the unknown. Working under the radar to maintain our nation’s peace and keep food on our tables.

Protecting the UK’s trade and freedom

We operate across the globe to support the free flow of essential trade to our island nation, build vital relationships with allies and maintain a watchful eye over anyone who poses a threat.
The  submarine HMS Vanguard surfaces

Maintaining peace & stability

Our dominant presence on the world stage sends a powerful message: we’re present, active and ready to do what we need to deter any aggressors. 

You might not see what we do. You probably won’t hear about it. But you can rest assured we’re working 24/7, 365 days a year to protect our nation’s peace.

How we prevent
Royal Navy Ship the HMS Lancaster flies the Union Jack

Safeguarding global trade

50% of the UK’s food and fuel is imported by sea, and 97% of our data is transferred under it, so protecting the seas is critical to keeping UK citizens fed and connected.

We play a critical role in acting as a constant deterrent, protector and enabler of trade - supporting the British economy to thrive and our people to survive.

How we protect
Royal Marine commando on one knee, guards a ship

Ready to act

We’re a fighting force, first and foremost. If diplomacy fails, it’s our job to step in and do what it takes to protect our island nation and allies.

Our global positioning and unique structure means we have the right resources in the right places to constantly gather intelligence, eliminate threats and support the enforcement of UN resolutions.

If an enemy acts, we’re ready for combat at a moment’s notice.
How we respond

Global Operations

Our formidable fleet of ships, aircraft, amphibious vehicles and unique position across the globe prepare us for deployment on any global operation.

Where we operate

Map of the world
A Royal Navy crewmember wearing a blue beret stands on the deck proudly looking at the camera