Supporting society

Supporting society

Much of what the Royal Navy does is dedicated to supporting domestic and global communities. People like you, all over the world, work hard to protect the vulnerable, safeguard our economy, and build international partnerships.

Being in the Royal Navy means committing to a set of values that place society, particularly the most in need, at the forefront of every mission. These include everything from intercepting drugs in the Caribbean, patrolling British waters and overseas territories, to tackling pirates to ensure safe passage for the cargo vessels our economy so heavily relies on. Everyone in the Royal Navy has a role to play. Everyone gives something back. Everyone makes a difference.

Our work, at a glance.

People like you

Engineering Technician (Weapon Engineering)

I’ve been in the Royal Navy for about two years, and the majority of that time has been spent protecting home and international waters. When you see everything that happens at sea, you realise the role we play in society.

Warfare Specialist

My first tour of duty was to the Gulf and it was one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever faced. It was hard work in challenging conditions but I quickly realised I was able to deal with whatever came my way. When the adrenaline gets going there’s no better feeling, and you really feel like you are doing something worthwhile that’s having a positive effect back home.

Catering Services

I never imagined I’d one day be helping foil drugs smugglers but on my first deployment I played a role in helping to seize millions of pounds-worth of narcotics. It was very exciting, and once it all sinks in you realise you’ve played a part in something incredibly important.