About the RFA

Have you ever been intimately connected to world events? Have you played a crucial role in a humanitarian crisis? Or been on an anti-drug patrol? In the RFA you’re at the heart of all this action. And what you do directly influences much more than just your own career – though that will certainly be going in the right direction. You’ll be helping to protect our nation’s interests.

A maritime force delivering Maritime Operational Support as a service within a service.

To be ready to deploy rapidly to deliver maritime operational support worldwide in a joint military environment.

Reliability, teamwork, results, cost effectiveness, learning.

To deliver world-class capable, versatile, integrated, sustainable maritime operational support.

Royal Navy personnel at sea.

Who are we?

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) is a Merchant Navy organisation which is a civilian-manned fleet tasked providing worldwide logistical and operational support to the Royal Navy. Sound important? It’s vital to securing the seas and protecting the global society. With our team of top-class sailors and other highly trained embarked personnel we are able to maintain global operations. We’re the largest British employer of British merchant seamen, so you’ll be in good company.

We are part of the Naval Service, which is why our personnel wear Royal Navy uniforms complimented with Merchant Navy styled insignia. As a result, you’ll be governed by a mixture of Merchant Navy, Civil Service and Naval discipline regulations.

The role of the RFA

The RFA has supported military operations during every major conflict since World War I, supporting operations as part of a multi-service or multinational force. You’ll have a role to play in landing Royal Marines where they’re needed most, as well as the completing the essential replenishment at sea operations that refuel our most advanced warships, wherever they are in the world.

Already qualified?

To fulfil our role in support of the Naval Service, we need world-class people. We’ve got Apprenticeships and Officer Cadetships to develop people, but we also have a requirement for the experienced professional. Whether you’re a MCA qualified Merchant Sailors, or have experience working in logistics or hospitality, we can put your skills to the best possible use, and give you the benefits you deserve.