Project Firefly

If you are an ex-regular and have left the service within 2 years, you can join the RNR on a 'seamless transfer'.

Project Firefly is an NPT(Reserves) led initiative and an important work strand in supporting the manning requirements laid down in the Future Reserve Forces 2020 (FR20) white paper.

The projects aims include the creation of a seamless transfer scheme from Regular to Reserves, for Service leavers (SL); and an engagement campaign to promote the Transfer Scheme and raise the profile of the Maritime Reserves to the Regular and ex-regular Naval Communities.

Since its inception in April 2013 over 800 highly-skilled SL’s have transferred into the MR, as well as attracting considerable political, public and media interest.

It is also helping to influence the size and shape of the Reserve Forces, which are an integral part of the UK’s Defence capability. 

Royal Navy Reserves smiling inside a Royal Navy helicopter.

For those considering the MR there are increased opportunities to use your military skill sets. The Royal Naval Reserve for instance has been revising its branch structure to align it more closely with the regular construct.

Most significantly, this work has introduced new area capabilities, notably Engineering, Warfare (General/Maritime Battle staff) writers and Chefs.

In addition, the joining age for SL and Ex-Regulars has been raised to 56 for RNR and 51 for RMR with new contracts being introduced in line with the New Employment Model.

For those looking to balance work and family or seeking promotion the MR will afford you this opportunity too.


For a commitment of just 24 days RNR and 26 days RMR you will be well rewarded for your time the benefits include:

Earn extra money, accrue an additional pension and receive an annual tax free bonus. All of which is in addition to any civilian benefits secured and has no impact on any service pension accrued.

Provides opportunities for continued professional development and promotion.

Offers a more stable work life balance, with an initial 2 year harmony period (although, you will be expected to commit to your annual commitment of 24 or 26 days).

An opportunity to remain part of the Naval/Corps Family and its unique camaraderie.