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Careers / Royal Navy Reserve
Joining process
Careers / Royal Navy Reserve

Joining process

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Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, the joining process is as follows:

Step 1 - Submit an application

Your first step is to fill in an online application form. If you have any questions beforehand, you can phone us on 0345 600 3222

Step 2 - Presentation

You will be invited to attend an Initial Maritime Reserves Presentation (IMRP) at your nearest Unit. This is your chance to have a look around, meet the team, ask any questions and find out about life in the Reserves

Step 3 - Defence Aptitude Assessment (DAA) and interview

You will be invited to your nearest Armed Forces Career Office (AFCO) for an interview, where we will check your eligibility and outline the joining process. See more advice here.

You will then sit the DAA, which assesses: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Work Rate, Spatial Reasoning, Electrical Comprehension and Mechanical Comprehension.

To prepare, you can practise the DAA.

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Step 4 - Join your local Unit

You will then be invited to join your Unit for Attestation. This involves swearing allegiance to His Majesty The King and signing the Official Secrets Act. At this point you’ll be a Phase 0 recruit, and will attend weekly drill nights, however you won’t be able to start formal training until you pass your medical and fitness test
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Step 5 - Medical and fitness test

The medical tests are carried out by your nearest Ministry of Defence approved doctor, but eye tests can be completed at selected high street centres. The Pre-Joining Fitness Test (PJFT) requires you to complete a 2.4km run on a treadmill at a local approved fitness centre. Check out this booklet for tips on how to prepare.

Step 6 - Phase 1 training

You’ll now be a signed-up member of the Royal Naval Reserve as a Phase 1 recruit. At this stage you’ll be given your Royal Navy identification card and uniform, and be able to conduct formal basic training.

Step 7 - Training

During your Phase 1 training you will learn about life in the Royal Navy. This takes place on weekly drill nights. You’ll also spend two weekends learning about life in the military and what it is like at sea.

Step 8 - Confirmation course

This two-week course is held at HMS Raleigh or Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC). Once you’ve completed this you will go on to specialise in your chosen discipline.

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