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Careers / Royal Navy Reserves
Joining options
Careers / Royal Navy Reserves

Joining options

With opportunities across all branches, including warfare, engineering, logistics, medical and chaplaincy, you can choose one that’s based on your civilian skills, or train for a role that is completely different to anything you’ve experienced before.

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Joining options

Select the level of education you have, or are likely to have by the time you apply:

Levels of entry

Reservists, like regular personnel, can join as officers or ratings, depending on qualifications. You could be taking the lead on some vital operations, or providing the extra manpower we need all over the world.
The ship's quartermaster on the bridge by the ship controls reads notes into a microphone as an officer and a rating watch

Reserve Rating

As a General Entry Rating in the Royal Naval Reserve, you’ll be taking a step out of your comfort zone. A step that will start an adventure. You don’t even need any previous Naval experience, just the commitment to complete your basic training alongside your day job.
Reserve Rating role details
Royal Navy officer wearing dress uniform on parade looking towards the camera

Reserve Officer

Go beyond the everyday. Push yourself further. Become a leader. Joining the Royal Naval Reserve as a General Entry Officer is your opportunity to use your skills and interests in a wide range of specialisms and world-class training courses, from mine warfare and submarines, to media or intelligence.
Reserve Officer role details

How you’ll develop

After five years, you’ll be able to specialise in an area that suits you, whether you feel at home at sea in the Ops Room, or at shore in a supporting role.

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Other ways to serve

Royal Navy Reserve Officer Cadets sitting in a classroom watching the instructor

Students and seasonal workers

Add an edge to your studies by joining the Royal Naval Reserve while at university.

You won’t be deployed while in full-time education but your experiences and adventures will provide you with new levels of confidence, assertiveness and communication skills that’ll set you up for your civilian career.

Equally, if you have a job with a seasonal working pattern, you can fill your free time with the opportunities available in the Royal Naval Reserve.

Royal Navy sailors on the deck wearing blue helmets

Ex-forces Firefly scheme

A scheme that gives you the opportunity to be processed through a fast track system that takes into consideration your rank and valuable experience.
Ex-forces Firefly scheme
Royal Marine Reservist steps into icy water whilst other Reservists in cameo uniforms stand on the ice during training

Royal Marines Reserve

Joining the Royal Marines Reserve means being a part-time soldier, but a fully trained Commando. You’ll do the same Commando course as everyone who wears the green beret.
Royal Marines Reserve
Royal Navy Reserves stand on guard during a parade

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