Provide spiritual support for all roles, all ranks and all faiths

What is the Chaplaincy branch?

  • You’ll be a friend and adviser to all; a vital member of any naval unit. Your crewmates need a type of support that you won’t have encountered in civilian life
  • You’ll be minister to an unusual congregation, with people from all faiths, and all walks of life, looking to you for guidance. Being a people person is a must
  • This small branch makes a big difference to our personnel and their families. Your role is extremely important to the people who protect our nation’s interests
  • Although you carry no rank yourself, people of all levels, from the Commanding Officer to the most junior rating, will see you as a friend and confidant
  • Your ministry will take you to diverse and challenging environments. You’ll need to be prepared for anything, from the rigours of humanitarian aid work, to potentially dangerous combat operations

What's it like?

Chaplaincy in the Royal Naval Service is a long way removed from civilian life. For a start you’ll be travelling the world providing support to around 30,000 highly trained individuals. The challenges faced by them and their families make your job particularly difficult. That means you’ll need to be as prepared for anything, as they are. Whether you’re working with the Royal Marines on our most arduous operations, or simply being a friendly face for a homesick crewmate, this is your opportunity to help the people who dedicate their lives to protecting our nation’s interests.

Chaplain conducting a service

Where can I work?

Royal Navy ship at sea.

Aircraft carriers, assault ships, destroyers or frigates: this is our backbone. It gives us our global impact, from combat missions to humanitarian aid.

What are the roles available?


The Chaplain is a vital member of any naval or commando unit, with a unique congregation. The team of 30,000 men and women who make up the Naval Service come from all walks of life.


Chaplain Reserve

The Royal Navy offers a world of unparalleled opportunities for its reservists. And this means the type of spiritual guidance and support they need is equally unique. The friendship and advice you’ll need to offer as a Reserve Chaplain will be unlike anything you’ve done in your civilian career.


Considering joining the Chaplaincy branch?

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