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Take charge of some of the most advanced kit on the planet, ensuring it‘s ready to perform in any situation.

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Pushing the limits of technology


The cutting-edge of innovation

Engineers work on some of the world’s most advanced kit, which could mean a Type 45 Destroyer in the Surface Fleet or a Vanguard-class boat in the Submarine Service. You could be working with industry leaders to develop new components, or gaining an expert knowledge of nuclear power.

World class training

Our leading tech is only as good as the engineers who keep it in order. That means world-class training comes as standard – whichever level you join at.

Be the best

Each day brings a fresh challenge. That’s why all our engineers have the knowhow to find simple solutions to complex problems – fast.

Shape your future

No two careers are the same. As a Royal Navy Engineer, you can choose hi-tech or massive mechanical systems. Leading a team or getting stuck in. It’s up to you.
“I was leading a team of engineers from the start, so my decisions really count – and have real consequences, too. Four years in, I’m working hard towards becoming chartered, so I’m very busy. But good busy.”


John, 30, Weapon Engineer Officer

Whether you have qualifications, hands-on skills or just a knack for fixing things – there’s something for everyone in our engineering branch.

Few careers offer this level of professional training. Combined with a competitive starting salary and the opportunity to gain top qualifications on the job.

And you don’t need lots of qualifications to join – particularly as an apprentice. And none whatsoever to become an Engineering Technician.

Featured Engineering roles

Engineering scholarships


University Cadetship Entry (UCE)

Streamline your route to a world-class engineering career. Apply for UCE, our dedicated scheme for high achievers.
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Defence STEM Undergraduate Scheme (DSUS)

Study an approved engineering-based course at university of your choice prior to joining the Royal Navy as an Engineer Officer.
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