PLNTM 004 Moving Exclusion Zones For Designated Vessels


King's Harbour Master Plymouth

LNTM No 004/22





1. This notice is a direction from the Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth (QHM) pursuant to the Dockyard of Plymouth Order 2020.


2. The new Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 2020 includes the provision for QHM to establish a moving exclusion zone (MEZ) around specified vessels for the protection of that vessel and to ensure its safe passage.  


3. An MEZ will be established for large tidally constrained warships, auxiliaries and support vessels and all submarine movements within the Dockyard Port. The exclusion zone will extend 250m ahead of and 100m abeam and astern of the vessel



4. With the exception of submarines, a vessel to which an MEZ applies shall display:


a. Between sunrise and sunset, two black diamond shapes vertically disposed.

b. Between sunset and sunrise, in restricted visibility and at other times when deemed necessary, two all-round flashing red lights at the masthead horizontally disposed. If a vessel is not fitted with these lights,3 all-round red lights vertically disposed may be displayed in their place. 


5. For a submarine movement the presence of the MEZ will be indicated by the escorting tugs displaying: 


a. A black cylinder by day.

b. 3 all-round red lights vertically disposed by night or in restricted visibility.  


6. When an MEZ is in effect:


a. The zone must not be entered by any vessel underway with the exception of MoD vessels and vessels supporting the move.

b. Any vessel alongside, at anchor, at a buoy or mooring within the MEZ shall not get underway until the entitled vessel/submarine has passed.  


1st January 2022

Saturday 01 Jan 2022