Services: an introduction

The Naval Service is made up of five services. Think of them as where you’ll physically perform the specialist role you choose, whether you join as a rating or an officer. Services (like the Surface Fleet or Submarine Service) work in tandem with the branches to provide them with the crew they need to get the job done. 

For example, you could be a Warfare Officer (Submariner), working in the Warfare branch within the Submarine Service. 

Or you could choose to be an Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering), working in the Engineering branch on a ship in the Surface Fleet. 

To help you explore roles that fit with your skills and ambitions, each service’s principle function is summarised below.

Services at a glance

Surface Fleet

  • Be part of the maritime might and backbone of the Royal Navy
  • Work on the formidable fighting machines that operate all over the world
  • Depending on your role, you could be working on aircraft carriers, assault ships, destroyers or frigates

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Submarine Service

  • Join the world-renowned silent service, at the forefront of our nation’s defence
  • Be part of highly classified, stealth operations around the world
  • Have the opportunity to work on Trident, our nation’s nuclear deterrent

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Fleet Air Arm

  • Joining the Fleet Air Arm puts you at the forefront of military aviation
  • Provide vital support in peacetime and during combat operations
  • Fly state-of-the-art helicopters and use sophisticated weapon systems

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Royal Marines

  • Become part of the UK’s elite amphibious fighting force, ready to deploy anywhere, in all conditions
  • By land, sea or air, Royal Marines are on the frontline of combat and humanitarian operations
  • Experience cutting-edge kit, world-class training and unrivalled camaraderie

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Royal Fleet Auxiliary

  • Become part of the essential team that ensures the Royal Navy has everything it needs, wherever it’s deployed
  • Work on a fleet of highly specialised ships as part of a highly sophisticated global operation
  • Join one of the Royal Navy’s most active, essential services

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