How you'll develop in the Reserves

Travel, adventure, friendship, challenges, knowing you’re doing something really worthwhile – the Royal Navy Reserve offers you more than you’ll find in civilian life. The same goes for the training you’ll receive, which starts the day you join and continues right through your time with us.

Personal skills


I’m a different person these days. Being around my crewmates and taking some real responsibility has given me a boost.


I was pretty timid before joining the RNR. Now I’m able to make my voice heard, whether I’m at work or with my unit.


Life in the RNR is as much about mental strength as it is physical. Our drill nights keep us sharp, and we do plenty in our spare time too.

Transferable skills


My employer had no problem with my joining the RNR. It’s made me a better manager through training I’d never get at home.


When I’m deployed on operations I learn what real teamwork is all about. There’s no doubt it’s improved my performance at work.”


When we’re preparing for some vital operations, it’s important that we can get our message across quickly and effectively.


Whatever your ambitions, you’ll be given the training and support that you need.

Through your military training you can gain:

  • Career related qualifications
  • Courses accredited up to Masters level
  • Leadership and other skills

Qualifications are available through:

  • Chartered Management Institute
  • Institute of Leadership & Management
  • City and Guilds