Royal Naval Reserve

The Royal Naval Reserve is a part-time force of much-valued civilians. Together, this team of 3000 provides the Royal Navy with essential trained personnel we need at times of tension, humanitarian crisis, or conflict.



people make up The Royal Naval Reserve.



have served with the Royal Navy.



24 days training annually.



different reserve roles.

The civilians we call on in a crisis

Who are our reservists? Doctors, call centre managers, students, receptionists, factory workers, nurses, project managers, IT specialists, teachers, full-time mums and dads... the list goes on. Though it takes someone special to join the reserves, the spark to serve, learn new things and make the most of new opportunities ignites in people from all walks of life.

The Royal Naval Reserve is a unique force made up of trained, committed civilians from a hugely diverse range of backgrounds. These highly-valued part-time personnel stand alongside our regulars, protecting our nation’s interests. That might mean anything from getting involved in conflict operations, to counter-terrorism and anti-piracy work. Reservists also provide security at sea and humanitarian assistance across the globe.
The big difference? These courageous, valued members of our force may be sitting next to you at work, on the bus or in the cinema. They’re ordinary people, doing something truly extraordinary. By balancing civilian life with a part-time Royal Navy career, they don’t do the everyday, every day.

Meet the team...


Lucy, Royal Navy Reserve Officer

I signed up after a career with the regulars. I wanted to be at home with my young family, but didn’t want to lose my connection with the Royal Navy. For me, it’s the best of both worlds. Travel, adventures, service and comradeship, but being part of my kids’ everyday lives. too.

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Royal Naval Reserve