What can I do in the Royal Marines?

Even thinking about joining the Royal Marines makes you different. It sets you apart. To get a step further, you’ll need to be truly special. To be able to dig deeper than most, and go further than others can even imagine. Do that and you’ll be able to take your place in the world’s most elite amphibious fighting force.

There’s something all Royal Marines have in common – the state of mind. Where you use it, and how, will depend on the level you join at and the specialisations you choose. But wherever your career takes you, you’ll always have your green beret, and the pride that comes with wearing it.


Life in the Royal Marines comes with a number of specialisations to help you shape your career.

After your highly rigorous 36-week training course at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) at Lympstone in Devon, you’ll attend your Passing-out parade and gain your exclusive green beret. You can then choose to specialise and will be encouraged to take City and Guilds, NVQs and other related qualifications.

  • Physical Training Instructor (PTI)
  • Platoon Weapons Instructor (PW)
  • Royal Marines Logistics (Supply Chain) LOG (SC)
  • Royal Marines Aircrewman (RMAC)
  • Royal Marines Communications Exploitation (RMCX)
  • Royal Marines Information Systems (RMIS)
  • Royal Marines Medical Assistant (RMMA)
  • Royal Marines Police (RMP)
  • Scout Sniper (ScS)
  • Special Forces Communicator (SFC)
  • Technician Electronic Systems (TES)
  • Vehicle Technician (VT)
  • Weapons Technician (WT)
  • Yeoman of Signals (YOFS)