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There’s one thing that all our people share: that special state of mind. It’s the foundation of life in the Royal Marines.

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What does it take?

More than most people have to give. Every physical test you encounter has a minimum requirement, but there’s only one thing worse than not making the grade – not going to your absolute limit. Because that’s what you’ll need to do every day when you pull on your green beret. From the moment you start the joining process, you’ll begin to have an understanding of what life as a Royal Marine is all about.

Being part of a world-class force is something that pushes you every day. People look up to us, so we have to set a high standard.

Eligibility criteria

If you can satisfy this basic eligibility criteria, you can begin the joining process.
  • Aged 16 to 32 when you start Initial Training
  • There is no minimum qualifications requirement
  • A maximum BMI of 28 (there may be some exceptions to this maximum if your waist measures less than 94cm)
  • A minimum weight of 65kg or a minimum BMI of 23
  • Minimum height of 145cm
  • A National of the United Kingdom, a Commonwealth Citizen or Dual National

If you're a Commonwealth applicant applying from inside your country of origin, you must be aged at least 18. If you're a resident in the UK and a Commonwealth applicant you're eligible to apply at 16. Current valid passports and visas (where applicable) are a mandatory requirement to be eligible to apply, and it's your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to be in the UK, and that this permission is valid for the entirety of the recruitment process up to your point of entry.

Women interested in a career in Ground Close Combat roles in the Royal Marines may be at greater risk than men from musculoskeletal injury, reproductive health and mental ill-health – see below.

Women in the Marines

Given the nature and rigours of training, and the Green Beret life that follows it, joining the Royal Marines Commandos as a woman naturally brings up certain questions.

All criteria tests (time and distance) share exactly the same standards.  This is a gender-free training programme.

Female doctors cannot be guaranteed as the manning of Medical Centres changes frequently. However, a female medical assistant can be present during a consultation, if requested.

If you are in the Royal Navy Reserves and are interested in joining the Naval Service as a Regular, contact our re-joiners team and let them know you‘re interested.

The Naval Service and Royal Marines are welcoming applications to re-join both full-time, or through the Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS). More information on the current vacancies can be found here.

All re-joiners will undertake a minimum of four weeks re-training at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), Lympstone. On arrival at CTCRM, all re-joiners will undergo the new RMFT(A) assessment. Re-joiners are encouraged to undertake the RM PreROP Fitness plan to aid physical preparation. Failure to achieve the standard required commensurate with an individual‘s age will prevent re-entry into the Royal Marines. Re-joiners who fail to meet this requirement, may be invited to return to CTCRM in the future. Some PSQs may require retro or upgrading training, especially technical PSQs.

We will give you a clear offer of employment on approval to re-enter. This will include full details of your pay, engagement length and any required training so that you’re able to make an informed decision before committing to a return to the Naval Service.

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