Funding and scholarships

Life as a student is more expensive than ever, with tuition fees rising and the cost of living increasing. However, the Royal Navy can assist financially at the important stages of education from A-level to degree. There are a range of funding options available through the Royal Navy that mean you can get paid to study and have a full-time job waiting at the end.

See how you can get the qualifications you need to start a truly unique career, complete with great prospects, global travel and the opportunity to deliver a real difference to Defence.

Ready to get skills for life, not debt for life? Read on.

Supporting your development

Want to be a leader in your field? Choose a Royal Navy scholarship or supported degree scheme and you’ll get to work at the leading-edge of your profession as soon as you’re qualified.

We offer the chance to get financial support while you study because we want officers from diverse backgrounds, and for our potential leaders to have the opportunity to gain the right qualifications.

It’s also important to us that those joining through a degree-level scholarship schemes have the necessary Royal Navy knowledge before they start their career. That’s why we provide evening, weekend and Summer Naval training courses that run alongside academic studies. This extra-curricular activity is designed to challenge you and to be fun while preparing you for your Naval career in a non-academic way.

Please note that funding and scholarships are not available for entry as a Royal Marines Commando Officer.