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In-service degree
Careers / Joining options

In-service degree

Get all the qualifications you need, without any student debt.

How it works

Finished sixth form or college and have your sights on a Royal Navy Officer career? Get a fully funded foundation degree at the same time as earning a salary.

High-calibre students who have completed A-levels or equivalent can apply for specific roles, where they will be paid a full salary for completing a degree alongside their Royal Navy career. These include a number of specialised medical disciplines as well as roles within our Warfare, Aviation and Logistics branches.

From the day you join, you’ll be getting the practical, hands-on experience that it takes years to gain as a civilian. There’s also the opportunity to self-study and get funding towards a BA or BSc Hons degree as your career progresses.

Start your career as an officer in our Medical, Aviation, Warfare or Logistics branches at the same time as studying for a foundation degree.

Your options

Looking to join as a Warfare, Hydrographic and Meteorology, or Logistics Officer? You’ll get a foundation degree in Maritime Studies or Maritime Science from Plymouth University as soon as you complete phase two training.

You’ll be earning a full officer salary from the day you qualify. At this point, you’ll be able to enrol on the Route to Honours programme, leading to a fully funded BSc Hons degree.

How to apply

In-service degree roles

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