Why Reserves?

Serving with the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) is a unique way of life that attracts people from all backgrounds and walks of life. For some it’s a chance to develop skills, knowledge and personal qualities that help in their civilian work. For others it’s an opportunity to meet friends, stay fit and travel. Whatever your reason for joining, the RNR will support you with excellent training and benefits.

Serve your country

Protect our nation’s interests across a range of operations, from counter-terrorism and anti-piracy work, to preventing conflict, maintaining security at sea and providing humanitarian assistance, at home and overseas.

Personal development

Joining the RNR isn’t a pastime. You’ll complete military training and gain career-related qualifications though courses accredited up to Masters level. You’ll also develop invaluable transferable skills, such as leadership and teamwork to advance your career at home and at sea.

Transferable skills

The skills you’ll acquire in the Royal Naval Reserve aren’t limited to your naval life. Your experiences and adventures will provide you with new levels of confidence, assertiveness and communication that will set you up for life.


As a reservist, along with the chance to travel, you’ll be entitled to adventurous training (AT).

You’ll be able to use your AT allowance to go on sailing expeditions, Royal Navy Ski Championships or even competing in the Bavarian Challenge in Germany. Whatever you choose this serves as a chance to develop your skills and learn some new ones too.

Social life

Joining the RNR is a great way to form solid friendships. You’ll meet like-minded people from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds, bonding over a sense of camaraderie you can only get from training together, and working together.


Travel opportunities in the Royal Navy Reserves are like nothing you will experience in the civilian sector. With us your place of work is quite literally global.

Additional pay

You’ll be paid for training and you’ll receive travelling expenses too. And, when you’re on operations you’ll be paid at the same rate as your regular rank equivalent.

You’ll also qualify for a tax-free bonus, or ‘bounty’, when you complete your yearly training commitment. This currently ranges from over £400 in your first year, to up to £1700 after five years.

Benefits and support

Being a reservist comes with a whole host of benefits and support, from our Welfare Team, to the the Royal Navy forum. There is also SaBRe (Supporting Britain’s Reservists and their Employers) to provide your employer with all the information they need on your role in the RNR. We’ll also cover travel expenses up to 70 miles to and from your unit and introduce you to our pension scheme.


Seeking a challenge that’ll take you beyond your everyday? In the RNR you’ll be pushed to your limits and experience things that stretch you, and take you out of your comfort zone. It’s a world away from the ordinary 9 to 5.


As a Royal Navy Reserve your fitness will become part of a larger cause. A new kind of motivation to be at the top of your game and in peak physical condition, not only for personal development but in the name of protecting our nations interests.