Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian aid

The role of the Royal Navy isn’t all about combat. In fact, as you read this, our people are involved in humanitarian aid missions all over the world. They’re restoring power and delivering supplies, for the people who need it most.

Part of a larger cause

When you join the Royal Navy, you’re part of an organisation that helps people in need, deploying to some truly unique environments to provide relief, from man-made catastrophes that result in severe poverty, to life threatening natural disasters. Explore the map below to see some of our humanitarian work.

Our work, at a glance.

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Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa

Helping deliver aid to Sierra Leone was the best and most rewarding experience of my career in the Royal Navy. It was hard work, but I got to work side-by-side with the people who would benefit most, and saw what a difference my efforts made.

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Marine Engineer


The number of Navy personnel who helped


The number of sorties flown from RNAS Culdrose

Royal Navy personnel delivering humanitarian aid. Royal Navy personnel on an anti-piracy mission.

Typhoon relief in the Philippines

I’ll never forget the people we met in the Philippines after the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. They saw us working out in the heat trying to get their school back up and running, and were trying to give us food and water – and yet they were the ones in need. It was a humbling experience I will never forget.

Sophie, a Logistics Officer.


Logistics Officer


The number of Filipino people helped


The days HMS Daring and Illustrious spent helping

Royal Navy personnel delivering humanitarian aid. Royal Navy personnel delivering humanitarian aid.

Refugee crisis in North Africa

Alongside my day job, I get trained in emergency response, first aid and firefighting. That means I get called upon when the ship responds to a request for aid. Getting stuck in and making a difference is what sets this career apart.

Angus, a chef.


Catering Services

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The turnout of friends and family to welcome HMS Bulwark home


HMS Bulwark spent 60 days on Operation Weald

People in a boat wearing life jackets Royal Navy personnel delivering humanitarian aid.