A day in the life

Travelling the world, making a difference, shaping a career that’s built around your skills and ambitions. It’s about as far away from a regular day job as you can get. Many employers claim that ‘every day is different’ or ‘it’s not a regular 9-5’. The Royal Navy can genuinely make that claim. Whether you join us as an officer or a rating, you’ll enjoy the same prospects for a highly rewarding future: training, travel, adventure – and a career like no other.

A day in the life: Aviation

Colin, 33


I get to be part of a wide variety of missions. I’ve been involved in search-and-rescue, using the winch to pull people to safety, and on the frontline where I’ve fired machine guns.

A day in the life: Engineering

John, 30

Weapon Engineer Officer

I was leading a team of engineers from the start, so my decisions really count – and have real consequences, too. Four years in, I’m working hard towards becoming chartered, so I’m very busy. But very ‘good busy’.”

A day in the life: Logistics

Ben, 21

Catering Services

I wanted variety from my job and the Royal Navy’s got that by the bucketload. I’m learning new skills and meeting new friends with the added bonus of knowing I’m part of a huge global effort.

A day in the life: Medical

Siobhán, 23

Naval Nurse (Student)

Life in the Royal Navy is extraordinary, which is why I wanted to join in the first place. Doing vital work in some amazing places gives you a real buzz.


Maxine, 23

Logistics Officer (Submariner)

Logistics in the Submarine Service is incredibly demanding – you’re juggling what seems like a million things at the same time. I thrive on it. Knowing how important our missions are makes it even more worthwhile.

A day in the life: Warfare

Claire, 23

Warfare Specialist

I’m right in the thick of it in the Warfare branch. It’s hands-on and can be full on, but that’s part of the buzz – it’s why I love it. It beats sitting behind a desk by a mile.