PLNTM 040 Thundercat Racing - Direction


King's Harbour Master Plymouth

LNTM No 040/22




1.         This is a direction by the Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth pursuant to the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 2020.

2.         Thundercat races, involving multiple twin hulled power boats 4m in length racing a short course in a confined area of the harbour, are scheduled to take place in Plymouth West Hoe Bay (west of Tinside Lido and north of the deep water ship channel) on Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 Jul 22.

3.         This PLNTM gives information of timings and establishes a temporary exclusion zone for all craft not involved to remain clear of the event and directs mariners accordingly.

4.   Exclusion Zone Timings:

Sat 16 Jul: 

1000      West Hoe Exclusion Zone in force – first boats launched.

1600      Final Race complete – West Hoe Exclusion Zone no longer in force.

Sun 17 Jul

1000      Exclusion Zone in force – first boats launched.

1600      Final Race complete – Exclusion Zone no longer in force.

5.         Exclusion Zone.All courses are located entirely within West Hoe Bay, west of Tinside Lido and north of the main shipping channel, within the Exclusion Zone depicted in the chartlet at Annex A. Only authorised craft are permitted within the Exclusion Zone when in force.

6.         Spectator areas

a.  Unauthorised craft are not permitted inside the Exclusion Zone and must remain well clear of this zone when in force at para 4 above.

b.  Spectators afloat may view the racing clear of the Exclusion Zone.

c.   Official steward craft will patrol the course boundaries and invite spectators or other craft to remain clear.

d.  Policing craft will direct vessels that ignore the stewards’ invitation to remain clear of the courses. Mariners are reminded that failure to comply with official direction by Officers of the Queen’s Harbour Master, which includes MOD Police Officers, or the Cattewater Harbour Master and Sutton Harbour Lock keepers, may result in prosecution.

7.         Race activities

a.  The wet pit area is at the Mount Batten Centre. Mariners are to be alert to the presence of the powerboats manoeuvring in the vicinity of the Mount Batten Pontoons before and after racing.

b.  Mariners should be alert to the presence of the course marks. Mariners are directed to not interfere with temporary marks that are laid to assure safety.

c.   Vessels engaged in event related legitimate activities will fly a distinguishing flag.

d.  Thundercats and their support craft are exempt from the port speed limit whilst in the port during races. Speed is to be kept as low as practicable during transit to races, while paying due regard for the safety of others and the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

8.         Vessel Traffic Control

a.  All mariners are to note and observe the restrictions on movement in the paragraphs below.

b. Transit across the front of the Hoe will be maintained provided vessels remain to the south of the race area. Limited access into West Hoe Bay may be permitted between races. Access will be strictly controlled by Longroom Port Control and the Marshals.

c.   During race periods Longroom Port Control will make periodic “Sécurité” broadcasts on VHF channels 16 and 14. Mariners seeking further information should call “Longroom” on VHF channel 14 or telephone (01752) 836528.

9.         Cancel this PLNTM 18 July 2022.



Thursday 14 Jul 2022