What's it like in the Royal Marines?

Tough. That’s what being a Royal Marine is, and what you’ll need to be to earn your green beret in the first place. There’s a reason we’re the most elite amphibious troops in the world. It’s because we stop for nothing. You’ll be cold, wet, tired. But you’ll always get the job done – together. A huge part of life in the Royal Marines is the sense of belonging. This is teamwork like you’ve never experienced it.

Above and beyond

Not just anyone can be a Royal Marine, and in return for your excellence, you’ll enjoy a great benefits package. You’ll have the opportunity to push yourself every day, experiencing a lifestyle you never imagined. One where you’re doing vital work every day, all over the world. The challenges you face may be immense, but so are the rewards. And that special feeling every time you put on your green beret? You won’t find that anywhere else.

Be the best

Whether you’re in harm’s way on our most dangerous operations, tackling testing field training exercises, or enjoying some recreation, part of being a Royal Marine is your desire to be the best. From conquering the most challenging environments on the planet, to beating your personal best in the gym.

Sport is a key part of life in the Royal Marines. And as long as unit commitments allow it, you’ll get all the support you need to compete at the highest level. From the best facilities, to time off for training and competition.