Fleet Air Arm

The aviation branch of the Royal Navy, delivering airpower in support of operations and projecting the UK's influence over land, air and sea.

Role of the Fleet Air Arm

The Fleet Air Arm (FAA) operates all the Royal Navy's aircraft. A vital element for many of the wide and varied roles undertaken by the Royal Navy, FAA roles range from humanitarian operations, through to securing the seas, fighting terrorism and landing troops onto hostile shores.

The Fleet Air Arm uses technologically advanced aircraft and world-leading expertise to act as the spearhead of the entire Royal Navy.

In order to continue this proud tradition, the Fleet Air Arm has recently added a fearsome new weapon to its arsenal: the F35 Joint Strike Fighter. Capable of performing multiple roles, from ground attack to air superiority, this cutting-edge fixed-wing fighter jet is set to become an essential part of the Fleet Air Arm’s offensive strike capabilities by the end of the decade.

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Being a part of the Fleet Air Arm

PO Johnson, 25


What I like best is the variety. On any given mission I could be monitoring threats, searching for targets, or even using weapons. I also get to be involved in planning and executing major operations – nothing beats the feeling of seeing it all come together successfully.

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