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Like knowing what makes the world go round? Becoming a Royal Navy Engineer is your opportunity to go behind the scenes with some of our most advanced tech. Just bring your natural skills and we’ll provide all the training you need to succeed.

Driving progress

The modern Royal Navy relies on using the latest technology. Our engineers push the boundaries of what that technology can achieve. If you love the next big thing, this is how you get your hands on it before everyone else.

Shape your career

No two careers are the same. As a Royal Navy Engineer, you can choose hi-tech or massive mechanical systems. Leading a team or getting stuck in. It’s up to you. Ready to discover all the opportunities available?

Life as an Engineer

Being a Royal Navy Engineer means getting stuck into some seriously important work from the day you start, all while developing next-level skills, travelling the world and earning a wage. Ready to find your place?



Whether you have a degree under your belt and want to lead a team, or are just starting out, naval engineering is made for people with inquisitive minds, who are willing to tackle new challenges.

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Leave school at 16?

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When you make the Engine Room your classroom, your next lesson could be anywhere in the world. Learn your trade, develop your skills and earn a wage from day one. With a Royal Navy engineering apprenticeship, how far you go is up to you.

find your role

Reboot your future

Nothing compares to an engineering career in the Royal Navy. We’ll help you turn your natural aptitude into real-world skills, whether that’s training you to work with our latest equipment or helping you gain qualifications that put you at the leading-edge of industry.

I want an apprenticeship

I want an apprenticeship

If you’re ready to learn your trade as a professional engineer, you can choose from a range of apprenticeship schemes and get the world-class training you need to succeed.

I'm a school leaver

I'm a school leaver

Finishing school doesn’t have to be the end of your education. Get stuck into a career and earn while you learn.

I'm a stem student

I'm a stem student

Apply everything you’ve learnt and join a world-class engineering team. You’ll start your journey as an officer, which means you’ll be at the leading-edge of industry from day one.



If you love to solve problems and have an interest in technology and fixing things, learn on the job as an Engineer.

I'm already an Engineer

I'm already an Engineer

If you’ve got skills to bring to the table, you can join the Royal Navy at a level that matches your expertise and experience.

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