When you start an apprenticeship in the Royal Navy, you’re right at the beginning of an adventure that will take you all around the world. You’ll be a valuable member of our team as soon as you join, because you’ll be learning on the job, making a vital contribution and earning a competitive wage from day one. And our world-class training will mean you have all the transferable skills you need to succeed in civilian life.

Royal Navy apprenticeships were judged by Ofsted to be ‘Outstanding’. The Royal Navy is rated as a ‘Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer’ and, with one of the highest completion rates in the UK, is a recognised provider of quality apprenticeships.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships combine practical, on-the-job training, with study. As an apprentice in the Royal Navy, you will:

  • Work alongside experienced and highly trained personnel
  • Gain and develop job-specific skills
  • Earn a wage from day one and get six weeks of paid holiday 
  • Study towards a range of vocational qualifications
  • Have a guaranteed job on completion of your training

Completing your apprenticeship usually takes 12-18 months but it will depend on the job you are doing, and it’s just the start of your journey. Show potential and work hard, and in return you’ll have all the support you need to progress quickly.


Our apprenticeship schemes

We offer more than 20 apprenticeships across a wide variety of roles. You’ll get a competitive salary from day one, travel the world, be empowered to make a difference – and supported to get further, faster.

There are two main schemes; rating roles (Intermediate Apprenticeships) and Accelerated Apprenticeships (Fast Track). So, whether you’re a school leaver, have qualifications you want to build on or want to retrain without going back into education, there’s a place for you. Interested? Explore them in more detail.

Rating roles

Rating roles

When you join as a rating, you’re automatically enrolled in an Intermediate Apprenticeship, which means you’ll learn on the job and earn a wage, at the same time as studying for the apprenticeship qualification. Later in your career you’ll also have the opportunity to progress and gain other civilian recognised qualifications, which may include an Advanced or Higher Apprenticeship.

You’ll be part of the Royal Navy’s main workforce, doing the work that’s the foundation of our operations. And as you learn your trade, you’ll progress through the ranks on merit, with the chance to be selected for officer training at any point.


The number of months you can be an apprentice for.


The number of apprenticeships available

Accelerated Apprenticeships

Accelerated Apprenticeships (Fast Track)

If you’re interested in an engineering career and studied at college, gaining a Level 3 Diploma or A-levels in Maths and Physics, you could be eligible for the Accelerated Apprenticeship Scheme. 

You’ll start as a rating at Leading Hand – that’s two ranks higher than most Engineering Technicians – building on your existing knowledge and earning £37,500 from day one. You can choose air, submarine, weapon or marine engineering, getting the opportunity to enhance your skill set on the job and through world-class training.


The number of Accelerated Apprenticeships available


The number of ranks you skip when you join

What our apprentices say

Simon, Marine Engineering Technician

I started out by gaining a Level 2 engineering qualification at HMS Sultan, before moving onto a ship, where I learnt from some of the best engineers in the Royal Navy. Since then I’ve gone on to do an Advanced Apprenticeship.

Sian, Air Engineering Technician

I joined up to see the world, not go home every weekend. I’m lucky to be based in Cornwall, but as soon as I get on board ship, I’m thinking about all the amazing things I’ll see.

Steve, Catering Services

People are very welcoming when you first go on board ship… it’s a lot of fun. I really enjoy the work life balance, but I’ve also acquired a set of skills I never imagined I’d have.