Many people leave the Armed Forces at various times of their lives and for a variety of different reasons. But now, there are good opportunities to re-join the Royal Navy and enjoy a fulfilling second career.

The training, knowledge, skills and experience you gained whilst serving in the Navy is recognised as unique and because we're always looking for the best and most qualified individuals to fill our roles, your existing skills and expertise will be hard to look past.

Who can re-join?

We welcome applications across all branches and specialisations, however you will need to be under the age of 37 to re-join the Royal Marines and under 50 to re-join the Royal Navy.

Our high priority roles currently include Royal Marines, Submariners, Engineers and Catering Services, at both Officer and Ratings ranks. 

The re-joining process

How will my application be assessed?

Although the process is relatively straight forward, each application will be considered on its own merit and any potential offer of service will reflect your individual circumstances. Branch managers will review your application and make an offer to you based on the following:

  • Previous rank/rate and seniority
  • Length of time out of service
  • Your age (you must be under the age of 37 to re-join the Royal Marines, and under 50 to join the Royal Navy)
  • Your health; you must be fit and healthy
  • Any training required to get you up to speed
  • You will not be able to re-enter the Naval Service if you left under a Medical Board of Survey (MBOS).


How long will my application take?

Because each application is different, the timeframe to get you back into the Naval Service can also vary, though we will always strive for the quickest turnaround possible. Our re-joiners team will personally manage your re-entry into the Naval Service, to ensure it’s as smooth as possible.

Re-joining within 12 months

If you are coming back within 12 months, and are keeping fit and healthy, re-entry could take as little as 4 weeks.

Re-joining after 12 to 24 months

If you’re come backing after 12 to 24 months, we’ll ask you to complete a short medical questionnaire and visit your local AFCO to re-register your Security Clearance. We hope to welcome you back into the service within 4 to 6 weeks.

Re-joining after 24 months

Beyond 24 months, a medical and short interview will be required with the re-entry team, as well as a security clearance check. In this instance we’d hope to invite you back into the service in 8 to 10 weeks.

Other common questions

Can I transfer from other Armed Forces (inter-service transfer)?
You certainly wouldn't be the first to transfer across from another service. The Royal Navy will give you something different from that of our sister services. Whether at sea on a warship, Naval Air Squadron, or a Royal Marine Base, life is fast paced and exciting. Visiting many different countries around the globe, deployed on operations, or conducting humanitarian aid, every day is different.

You will need to be able to meet our eligibility criteria; however, waivers may be appropriate in some cases. Training requirements will be determined on a case-by case-basis and we will take into account your previous experience, rank, pay and service to date.

Can I join a different branch to my original service?
We also welcome applications to change branches from your original service branch, although this will be considered alongside any relevant qualifications, training or experience you have gained in this area since leaving the Naval Service.

Can I join full-time service as a Reservist?
If you are in the Royal Navy Reserves and are interested in joining the Naval Service as a Regular, contact our re-joiners team and let them know you're interested. 

Can I join as a full-time Reservist?
The Naval Service and Royal Marines are welcoming applications to re-join both full time or through the Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS). More information on the current vacancies can be found here

Will I have to go through full training?
All re-joiners will undertake a minimum of four weeks re-training at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), Lympstone. On arrival at CTCRM, all re-joiners will undergo the new RMFT(A) assessment. Re-joiners are encouraged to undertake the RM PreROP Fitness plan to aid physical preparation. Failure to achieve the standard required commensurate with an individual's age will prevent re-entry into the Royal Marines. Re-joiners who fail to meet this requirement, maybe invited to return to CTCRM in the future. Some PSQs may require retro or upgrading training, especially technical PSQs.

When will I be given my offer of employment and employment details?
We will give you a clear offer of employment on approval to re-enter. This will include full details of your pay, engagement length and any required training so that you’re able to make an informed decision before committing to a return to the Naval Service.



How do I apply to re-join?

Contact our dedicated re-joiner recruitment team today to see what we can offer you. Fill out our form with a few details, phone us on any of the numbers below.