Relive a life without limits

If you miss the camaraderie, variety and challenge of life in the Naval Service there are still opportunities for you to re-enter service, either in your original branch or potentially an alternative one, should you wish to follow a different employment path.

As a former rating or officer, you have a unique amount of knowledge, skills and experience that the Naval Service still has an urgent need for. Should you decide to make an application to return to the Naval Service, your application will be carefully considered on a case by case basis.

A Royal Navy ship at sea.

On approval to re-enter, you will be given a clear offer of employment including details of your pay, engagement length and any required training for you to consider before committing to a return to the Naval Service.

Should you accept an offer of re-employment, you will undergo a selection process at your local AFCO to ensure you meet the standards required for Naval Service re-entry, before joining to re-commence your Naval Service career.

Pick up the phone today, and you could be re-starting your Royal Navy career tomorrow.