Travel and adventure

Travel and adventure

You can go far in the Royal Navy. You can do things you never dreamed of, in places you never thought you’d visit. Whether you join as a rating or an officer, you’ll get paid to travel the world, gaining new skills and making friends for life.


When you join the Royal Navy, travelling the world is all in a day’s work. You’ll even have opportunities to see the sights when you get some downtime. Take a look at the map to see what some of our personnel have been up to.

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Arctic Circle

On operation

We were up in the Arctic Circle collecting data on a survey mission, and it happened to be Christmas Day. Eating Christmas lunch with my mates surrounded by icebergs was really surreal, and I’ll never forget it. The landscape is something else.

Tom, 23

Hydrographic, Meteorological & Oceanographic Specialist


On operation

I was on deployment in the Caribbean for a counter-narcotics operation. We spent some of our downtime having an explore. It’s the first time I’d ever been somewhere so exotic – never seen beaches like it. Proper postcard stuff and I definitely didn’t want to come home.

Henry, 22



On operation

My first deployment was out in the Gulf as part of our counter-piracy operations. We had a couple of days in Bahrain before the next part of the mission and were lucky enough to see the Grand Prix. That was a first for me – I definitely caught the racing bug.

Jenny, 21

Warfare Specialist



I’ve always fancied having a go at skiing, but never had the chance. Being able to do it as part of the ‘day job’ is something else. The teachers at the centre were incredible and now I can get down the mountain without falling over, even if I did have to learn the hard way!

Jane, 28

Warfare Officer


On operation

In just a couple of years, I’ve been all over the world with the Navy. One thing that sticks in my mind is standing on the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa [the world’s tallest artificial structure], over 800 metres up in the air. You can practically see the curve of the earth – not for the faint-hearted!

Myron, 22

Air Engineering Technician

New York

On operation

I’d always dreamed of going to New York, so when I found myself sailing down the Hudson River to be alongside [moored up in harbour] on July 4th, it was pretty special. They definitely know how to throw a party for American Independence Day. 

Mike, 28

Weapon Engineer Officer


Offshore Sailing

I’ve been a keen sailor since I was a kid – I grew up around boats. I already have quite a few RYA (Royal Yachting Association) certificates under my belt, so being able to progress even more while I’m in the Navy is great. Even better if we could make the water a bit warmer.

Gareth, 25

Catering Services

Adventurous Training

Unique experiences and new challenges are a constant feature of life in the Royal Navy. You’ll have the option to take part in our annual Adventurous Training (AT) weeks, or even tailor you own training if there’s something you’re particularly keen to try.

Adventurous training gives you the opportunity to try new sports in new environments. Whichever you choose, AT helps you develop physical and mental robustness, while honing those all-important leadership skills that are indispensable to a successful career in the Royal Navy. Every serving member of the Naval Service is entitled to five AT days every year.





Sub-aqua diving

Mountain biking