A future in the Royal Navy means much more than a monthly salary. Worldwide travel, ongoing professional training, friends and skills you’ll have for life, and a career like no other, are just the start. There’s a raft of practical perks too, because we believe in rewarding our people for what they do – which goes far beyond a pay packet. 

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Some examples of benefits:


  • A competitive monthly salary, from the moment you start training
  • Joining bonuses for certain roles, such as the Submarine Service, with a £5k bonus for earning the esteemed 'dolphins'
  • Excellent non-contributory pension scheme (this means we pay into your pension for you, without you having to sacrifice your salary)
  • Operational allowance for extended tours (this is in addition to your salary)
  • Longer Separation Allowance (this is a day rate that is paid for every night you spend at sea)
  • Defence discount services, from car and hotel companies, to holidays and high street shops



  • Six weeks of paid holiday every year, on top of public holidays
  • Travelling the world
  • Free medical and dental care
  • Free access to gym and sports facilities, saving you an average of £600 a year on gym membership
  • Adventurous training for two weeks every year, for everyone
  • Sports associations, numbering 39 and including everything from rugby and football, to kayaking and kite-surfing


Home and family

  • Subsidised travel, accommodation and food
  • Up to 52 weeks’ maternity leave (26 weeks on full pay, then 13 weeks on Statutory Maternity Pay)
  • Two weeks’ paternity leave on full pay, and the option for shared paternity leave
  • Free accommodation at sea, and help with your at-home living arrangements (including your family), meaning you could save up to £7,200 a year
  • Forces Help to Buy scheme, which gives you a 0% loan to get you on, or further up, the housing ladder (the loan is up to 50% of your annual salary, to a maximum of £25,000)