Qualifications and skills

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Qualifications and skills

It may be that you’re a graduate with a degree under your belt. Or you could have just left school, ready to take on something new and develop some skills. No matter where you’ve come from and where you want to go, a career in the Naval Service means you can gain all the qualifications you need.

What will I get?


You can study for anything from GCSEs, NVQs and Masters Degrees, to fast-track Charterships in disciplines like Engineering. Not only that, you can gain specialist qualifications, unique to the role you choose. The best bit? We make a significant contribution to your fees, so you’re not saddled with student debt.


Being in the Royal Navy doesn’t just mean you’ll look good on paper. You’ll also grow experienced in invaluable transferable life skills like leadership, teamwork and problem-solving, giving you the edge with employers all over the world.