As a truly global organisation, the Royal Navy is unique. Protecting our nation’s interests, across the world, 365 days a year, takes a dedicated team of around 30,000 men and women from all walks of life. Getting the job done means they operate in extraordinary circumstances that can be demanding and sometimes dangerous.

Support when you need it

Joining the Royal Navy means joining a unique community. For people with families considering a future with us, we understand that the nature of what we do can raise concern, but help is always on hand.

We go above and beyond to make sure our people and their families are well looked after. This doesn’t just mean benefits like six weeks of paid holiday, subsidised housing and education, or generous maternity and paternity packages. We champion a comprehensive welfare support network (delivered by Naval Service Family and People Support(NS FPS)), both for serving personnel and their friends and families. Find out more here.

From online forums and unit-specific closed Facebook pages, to dedicated service community centres, events and deployment support, a friendly face is never far away. And because everyone can relate to the rigours of life in – or with – the Royal Navy, there’s always someone to talk to.

A Royal Navy father smiling with his child.