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KHM Portsmouth



King’s Harbour Master Portsmouth

LNTM 18/24

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN jointly by the King’s Harbour Master Portsmouth and Portsmouth International Port’s Harbour Master that Pilotage Exemption Certificate visits to KHM Harbour Control at Semaphore Tower are to be arranged in accordance with the conditions detailed in this notice.

2. PEC holders wishing to renew their PECs and candidates for PEC examinations must arrange and complete a visit to KHM Harbour Control in order for their PEC to be renewed or issued as appropriate.

3. The following conditions are to be noted: 

PEC holders and candidates must arrange visits by phone or email at least five working days in advance (02392 723694  or [email protected]).  

Visits should be in working hours (0800-1700) Monday to Friday. Visits outside these times are by exception.

No more than two people are to visit KHM Harbour Control at any one time.

Personnel who have tested positive for COVID-19 or suspect they may have symptoms are to cancel the visit and rebook a minimum of five days later. 

If a candidate is unable to complete a visit before renewal due to testing positive for COVID-19, they are to provide evidence of the test and complete the visit once they have recovered and completed any required isolation period.

These conditions will be reviewed regularly, and removed as the situation allows.

4.  PEC holders and candidates are reminded of the need to arrive on foot at Victory or Lion Gate. Escorts for arrivals by road cannot be supplied. Visitors must bring an official photographic identity document such as a driving licence or passport in order to gain entry to the Naval Base. 

5. Portsmouth LNTM 19/23 is hereby superseded.


Monday 01 Jan 2024

King's Harbour Master

Owners, Agents, Charterers, Marinas, Yacht Clubs and Recreational Sailing Organisations should ensure that the contents of this Notice are made known to the masters or persons in charge of their vessels or craft.

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