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King’s Harbour Master Portsmouth

LNTM 05/24

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN jointly by the King’s Harbour Master Portsmouth and the Harbour Master Portsmouth International Port, that Portsmouth City Council is the Competent Harbour Authority (CHA) for Portsmouth International Port, and pilotage requirements and exemptions are in accordance with the following information. They are fully detailed on Portsmouth International Port’s website at 

2. The area of jurisdiction for Portsmouth CHA has a boundary joining the following positions:

Gilkicker Point light 50° 46.4 N 1° 08.4 W

Western end of Ryde Pier Then along the coast to 50° 44.3 N 1° 09.6 W

Culver Cliff 50° 40.0 N 1° 05.6 W

Nab Tower 50° 40.0 N 0° 57.1 W

1.1 miles due South of Selsey Bill 50° 43.3 N 0° 47.2 W

0.1 miles due South of Selsey Bill  

Chichester Bar beacon 50° 45.9 N 0° 56.4 W

Cambrian Wreck buoy 50° 44.4 N 1° 03.4 W

then due North to the shoreline 50° 46.9 N 1° 03.4 W
and all the tidal water within Portsmouth Harbour.  

3. Compulsory Pilotage - Pilotage by Portsmouth CHA is compulsory for:

a. A vessel of 48m or more in overall length. 

b. A vessel of 20m or more in overall length carrying more than 12 passengers. 

4. Exemptions from compulsory pilotage. - The following categories of vessels are exempted from compulsory pilotage by Portsmouth CHA:

a. A vessel in transit through the Solent on passage to or from any position west of the line from Gilkicker Point Light to Ryde Pier provided such vessel does not proceed north of a line from Gilkicker Point Light to Horse Sand Fort Light to Cambrian Wreck Buoy. 

b. A vessel in Government service except when berthing or unberthing at any non-Ministry of Defence facility. 

c. A vessel with an Admiralty pilot embarked while proceeding to or from any Ministry of Defence facility. Such a vessel proceeding between a Ministry of Defence facility and a commercial facility is not exempt compulsory pilotage for the berthing or unberthing operation at the commercial facility. 

d. A vessel of less than 150 metres length overall (LOA) proceeding to or from any position West of the line from Gilkicker Point Light to Ryde Pier and/or going to an anchorage in St Helen’s Roads. 

e. A vessel of an overall length of not greater than 150 metres while to the south east of the line from Nettlestone Point (Latitude 50 43.27'N, Longitude 001 06.48'W) to the Warner Buoy, thence in a north easterly direction to Cambrian Wreck Buoy, thence due north to the Shoreline. 

5. Boarding points -  Portsmouth International Port Pilotage boarding points;

a. In the Eastern Approaches to the Solent: 

i. For vessels of an overall length greater than 150 metres, the Pilot will board in the pilot boarding area, one mile to the west of the Nab Tower. 

ii. For vessels of an overall length not greater than 150 metres, the Pilot will board in the pilot boarding area in the vicinity of the St Helens buoy. 

b. For vessels approaching from the Western Solent, the boarding point for Portsmouth Pilots is approximately 0.75 miles north west of the North Sturbridge buoy. 

c. In adverse weather these points may be altered and up-to-date information can be obtained from "Portsmouth Pilots" on VHF Channel 11. 

6. Direct communication may be made with the pilot boat on VHF Channels 09 when on station. Warships and Vessels for HM Naval Base can contact the pilot boat via VHF Channel 11 or 13.

7. Portsmouth Pilots can be contacted on Tel: +4423 92 855900 or by e-mail: [email protected]

8. Further details of ordering procedures including notice required are contained in the Pilotage Directions Handbook obtainable from: or hard copy by request from

Port Managers Department
Harbour Offices
Portsmouth International Port
Whale Island Way
Portsmouth PO2 8EB

9. Portsmouth LNTM 05/23 is hereby superseded.


Monday 01 Jan 2024

King's Harbour Master

Owners, Agents, Charterers, Marinas, Yacht Clubs and Recreational Sailing Organisations should ensure that the contents of this Notice are made known to the masters or persons in charge of their vessels or craft.

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