King's Harbour Master Portsmouth

LNTM No 28/22

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN jointly by the Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth and the Harbour Master Portsmouth International Port, that a dredge campaign of the old Floating Dock Jetty remnants will take place 15 February to 21 May 2022.

2. The dredging operation will be conducted from the barge “ASNE” with a long reach excavator embarked. Split hopper barges will support the operation “SPLIT TWO” and “SPLIT THREE”, working between the dredge area and spoil grounds at the Nab Tower and Hurst Castle. Workboats will support the operation as required. Sealed Hopper barges will remove contaminated spoil material to Tipner

3. Vessels involved in the dredging operation will maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 11. 

4. Pile D1 will be removed and relocated as per the drawing below. When the Pile is removed and relocated, a separate QHM Navigation Warning will be issued with the new position of the pile.

5. All works will be covered by the appropriate MMO license (No. L/2021/00416/1), the license holder is Portsmouth International Port. The license covers all activities covered by the works including the disposal of the dredged material.

6. Diving operations will occasionally be required during the project and this will be promulgated by QHM to vessels leaving and arriving the International Port, Portico Terminal and Fountain Lake Jetty.

7. Cancel this Portsmouth LNTM on 22 May 2022.


Monday 14 Feb 2022

Queen's Harbour Master

Owners, Agents, Charterers, Marinas, Yacht Clubs and Recreational Sailing Organisations should ensure that the contents of this Notice are made known to the masters or persons in charge of their vessels or craft.