Adventurous Training

Fancy kayaking in the wilderness, climbing an Alpine peak, or just love the great outdoors? Then why not break up your working week with fresh, engaging experiences? With our adventurous activities and training, you can take your RN experience to another level.

Royal Navy Adventurous Training

Unique experiences and new challenges are a constant feature of life in the Royal Navy, and adventurous training takes that to whole new level.

Perhaps you are interested in taking up a new hobby that challenges you both physically and mentally? Or maybe you want to vanquish a phobia? Adventurous training can help there too.

A form of recognised instruction that helps develop resilience and leadership skills through a range of exhilarating outdoor activities, adventurous training is enjoyable from start to finish, creating experiences and learning that will stay with you for life.

Why do it?

It is recognised that adventurous training improves physical and mental robustness, meaning you can stay NAVYfit, learn new skills; all while having memorable and life-changing experiences.

The range of opportunities available provide a test to all who take part; both as individuals and as a team. Stimulating physical and mental fitness, those who take part in adventurous training develop skills in leadership, team spirit and performance enhancement.

Beneficial when on deployment too, whilst on operations AT provides a welcome and positive relief for Service personnel through a challenging and fulfilling medium.

Organising Adventurous Training

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