From training runs to learn technique to taking it all off-piste on mountainous trails, Adventurous Training skiing demands fitness and never-failing nerves.

Venture into Skiing

Skiing is a very popular activity across the three Services and with the RN, there are a world of possibilities to learn, train, develop and succeed.

No matter what your ability level, previous experience or location, skiing with us can bring you slope encounters to challenge and inspire.

Whether taking on the slopes of the UK in the winter, touring a multiday route across Norway, or getting off-piste from resort slopes in the Alps, skiing has something for everyone.

NOCG foundation courses in skiing

The Naval Outdoor Centre Germany (NOCG) in the Allgäu area of Bavaria, Germany aims to present Naval Service personnel with adventurous activities, challenges and risks in a controlled environment. An extensive range of programs are available here, from five-day multi-activity weeks to intense foundation courses in a targeted discipline.

Famed for its skiing for all levels of skier, slopes of Allgäu are all within easy travelling distance of the centre. All equipment, instruction and ski passes are provided for the runs skied, with the NOCG Distributed Training (DT) Courses tailored to suit every ability.

DT Ski Foundation 1 (SF1)

This winter course is designed for the novice skier. Students embarking on the course will be taught the basics and learn how to confidently Alpine ski to achieve the Ski Foundation Level 1.

Over the duration of the course, students will learn:

  • A basic introduction to skiing
  • About the equipment used and how to use it
  • Techniques to employ to improve their skills, abilities and confidence on the slopes

DT Ski Foundation 2 (SF2)

Designed for intermediate skiers, students embarking on the SF2 course will be taught how to take their current expertise to the next level, empower greater confidence to take on the challenge of different slopes and terrains, and look to progressing further.

Over the duration of the course, students will learn:

  • Advanced skiing abilities and skills
  • How to take their skiing off-piste with confidence
  • A brief introduction to ski touring

DT Ski Foundation 3 (SF3)

Experienced skiers will undertake this course, which will enhance the expertise already enjoyed on the slopes. Offering a wonderful chance to take in the beauty and challenge of the Allgäu region with most of the course spent off-piste, SF3 is also a pre-requisite for Joint Service Ski Instructor awards. 

Over the duration of the course, students will learn:

  • Off-piste ski touring
  • Mountain hazards and navigation
  • Weather interpretation

From School to expeditions

Winter in Europe

During the UK winter months skiing weekends in Scotland are often arranged, with funding able to contribute to the costs of accommodation, ski passes and ski hire. Skiing activities for groups can also be organised all year round, with the AT school frequently in the Scottish Highlands.

European tours are also on the agenda, from multiday routes across Norway, through off-piste and variable terrain treks at popular European ski resorts, and on to greater challenges, such as journeying high into the Alps with skis in ‘walk mode’, before a pristine descent into an awe-inspiring mountain valley.

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