Mountain biking

Whether tackling a muddy trail, or descending a wooded slope at speed, Adventurous Training with mountain bikes pushes and challenges.

Venture into Mountain Biking

A popular and easily accessible activity, mountain biking covers a varied number of possible types. For example, it could mean a trail across a mountain slope, a route along a rocky coast pathway, or the technical challenges of a bike park. Mountain biking also allows access deeper into a mountain range than you may typically achieve on foot.

Suited to most UK weather, the exercise mountain biking demands will also keep you warm and rain is rarely a problem, simply offering another challenge to overcome.

close up of mountain biker tackling course through wooded trail, with competitor following close behind

NOCG Foundation Courses in Mountain Biking

The Naval Outdoor Centre Germany (NOCG) in the Allgäu area of Bavaria, Germany aims to present Naval Service personnel with adventurous activities, challenges and risks in a controlled environment. An extensive range of programs are available here, from five-day multi-activity weeks to intensive foundation courses in a targeted discipline.

Whatever level of mountain biker you are already, you'll come away having been physically and mentally challenged, educated, and inspired by the beauty that the Bavarian summer has to offer. While experiencing the thrills of touring the fantastic tracks and trails, comprehensive tuition on all aspects of riding and equipment will be given throughout. 

The NOCG Foundation Courses that are currently offered for mountain biking are as follows:

MBF (Mountain Bike Foundation)

As well as providing a route to building confidence in the challenges and demands called for by mountain biking, the five day MBF course will improve the skills and control students have on their bikes. Tackling the local trails around the NOCG, attendees can expect to take the techniques, abilities and understanding learned back to their units and their own personal goals.

Students can also step up their training through the MIAS course, and advance to becoming instructors in their own right.

MIAS 1/2 (Mountain bike civilian award)

The Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme (MIAS) is a two part course which promotes safe off-road mountain biking. As well as being civilian accredited, MIAS 1 and 2 will allow students to take their skills back to their units and conduct training sessions with their crewmates and establishment personnel.

MIAS 1 students will need to comfortably complete a demanding 30km off road ride at a moderate pace, and learn:

  • Technical and group management skills to lead groups into terrains including: trail centres, countryside areas, open moorland and towpaths
  • A sound understanding of basic bike mechanics

MIAS 2 students will have to show the same competences as MIAS 1 and additionally learn to lead groups on routes across:

  • Recognised bridleways up to 600 metres above sea level
  • Wild country terrain situated 1.5km or more from paved roads

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