Adventurous Training Team

We are the ‘go to’ organisation in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines for anything Adventurous Training related.

The Royal Navy Adventurous Training Team

We are the Royal Navy’s specialists who train leaders, and plan, facilitate, deliver and advise on Adventurous Training across the Royal Navy. With a vital emphasis on delivering activities to deployed front line ships and units, the team is considered a 'force enabler', by positively investing back into the Royal Navy’s most important asset: its people.

The The Royal Navy Adventurous Training Team (RNATT) is made exclusively of highly trained Royal Navy and Royal Marine physical training instructors. Sub-specialising as Adventurous Training Instructors, we provide an exciting and rewarding career path for those interested in teaching and developing service personnel while living an adventurous and outdoor lifestyle.

Front line support

Front Line Support AT has now been established at many of the overseas destinations that Royal Navy ships and Royal Marine units visit. The team aims to provide amazing opportunities and experiences through bespoke, mass participation, resilience/team building and enjoyable experiences for our deployed personnel.

The aim is to help maximise units' Adventurous Training opportunities as part of their deployment to foster morale, maintain fitness and keep the crew challenged and motivated.

Training Team Locations

Royal Navy Adventurous Training Team North

Adventurous Training Store

HMNB Clyde
G84 8HL

Royal Navy Adventurous Training Team East

Sail Loft Gymnasium

HMNB Portsmouth
Queen Street

Royal Navy Adventurous Training Team West

Wyvern Centre