From climbing barren rocky slopes in the summer heat, to navigating wintry cliff faces, Adventurous Training on a mountain calls for discipline and daring.

Venture into Mountaineering

You will climb ranges from our hills and mountains in the UK, and overseas in this worldwide award scheme. Summer and winter conditions form two separate strands for this qualification pathway.

Summer conditions may be hiking in the Bavarian Alps, whilst winter conditions may be in Scotland, high on the Nevis range with crampons on your feet and a walking axe in your hand.

mountaineer climbing a rocky face with clouds rolling off slopes behind

NOCG Foundation Courses in Mountaineering

The Naval Outdoor Centre Germany (NOCG) in the Allgäu area of Bavaria, Germany aims to present Naval Service personnel with adventurous activities, challenges and risks in a controlled environment. An extensive range of programs are available here, from five-day multi-activity weeks to intense foundation courses in a targeted discipline.

Offering the chance to experience the thrills of single pitch climbing and abseiling amongst the stunning range and diversity of the beautiful mountains of Bavaria, there are a vast selection of challenging local venues for all abilities within easy travelling distance of the centre.

The Distributed Training (DT) NOCG Foundation Courses that are currently offered for mountaineering are as follows:


A Klettersteig (German for climbing path) or Via Ferrata (Italian for iron road) is a mountain route which is equipped with fixed cables, ladders, and bridges to navigate over, up, across and through. There are many such routes within the local area of NOCG, with a varying range of difficulty levels and challenges.

The sense of exposure and achievement has to be experienced to be believed and by the end of the day you will have had a truly memorable day, all with the stunning landscape of the Bavarian mountains as your backdrop.

DT RSF (Rock Climbing Foundation)

This intensive five day DT course provides climbing and mountaineering students with a deep understanding of this demanding discipline. With the skills and knowledge learned on the RSF course, students can expect to take their abilities to instructor level if desired.

Over the duration of the course, students will be taken through:

  • Single pitch climbing
  • Introduction to lead climbing

DT SMF (Summer Mountaineering Foundation)

Providing a solid grounding in challenges faced while mountaineering and hill walking, various techniques in how to conquer them will be learned. Students on the five day DT SMF course will build knowledge that can be taken on to instructor level in the discipline.

Over the duration of the course, students will learn:

  • Basic map and compass skills
  • Trekking skills

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