Fast, high-adrenaline ice sport where sliders control their descent headfirst down a bobsleigh track at speeds exceeding 120 km per hour.

Royal Navy Skeleton

Skeleton is the most successful of the British Winter Olympic sports, with a host of medalling success since first appearing on the schedule. It's among the fastest, high-adrenaline ice sports which sees you sprint start whilst pushing your sled, before jumping on and racing headfirst down the bobsleigh track.

Control is what counts with skeleton, with subtle movements of the body driving the sled around bends and seeking out the best possible lines to reach the finish in the fastest time. Reaching speeds in excess of 80 mph, lightning fast reactions and timing are essential whilst remaining relaxed with your chin two inches off the ice. 

Whatever your snow and ice experience, we'll train you to competition standard, with the RN
 and Inter-Service Skeleton Champs taking place each year at Olympic venues such as Norway's Lillehammer and La Plagne in France.

royal navy skeleton slider heading into start of curve

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New members from across the service are always welcome to come and bob-skeleton with us, with the team coached by a former GB Skeleton athlete and Team GB Safety Official at the gold-medal winning Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. No matter what your level of experience, we can develop you to compete.

To get involved, just get in touch.

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