The RN&RM Sports Lottery generates non-public funds to support and improve Royal Navy sport, adventurous training and all things NAVYfit for our people, meaning it’s YOUR lottery.

Your Sports Lottery

Once you join the Royal Navy, you’ll be able to join the RN&RM Sports Lottery.

Every year over £480,000 in prizes and £1 million of grants is invested into enhancing the lives of our Royal Navy people.

With cash prizes to win every week and grants available year-round, everyone’s a winner!

dribbling on basketball court with crowd watching

How to play

Lottery tickets are 75p per ticket per week and payments are taken from pay each month until a participant decides to withdraw or leave the Service.

Applicants may purchase up to a maximum of six tickets each week so that:

  • 1 ticket = £0.75 per week x4 = £3 per month
  • 2 tickets = £1.50 per week x4 = £6 per month
  • 3 tickets = £2.25 per week x4 = £9 per month
  • 4 tickets = £3.00 per week x4 = £12 per month
  • 5 tickets = £3.75 per week x4 = £15 per month
  • 6 tickets = £4.50 per week x4 = £18 per month

Together we're improving your NAVYfit journey

Prizes and grants

The money is disbursed as prizes and grants as follows:

  • Weekly lottery draws: 23%
  • Direct grants to ships / units / establishments: 34%
  • Indirect grants to associations / regions: 26%
  • Major Grants for large projects: 15%
  • Running costs: 2%

The RNSL is licensed through the Gambling Commission (GC). Every ticket paid for is entered into every weekly draw (52 separate lotteries), with winners selected using a GC approved random number generator computed.


Current prize structure

Prizes are currently given out to the first six numbers drawn:

  • 1st number drawn wins £5,000
  • 2nd number drawn wins £1,800
  • 3rd number drawn wins £800
  • 4th number drawn wins £600
  • 5th number drawn wins £500
  • 6th number drawn wins £400

There are also extra monthly draws of 10 prizes of £100 alongside occasional enhanced first prize.


Prize winners

All prize winners will be notified by email and all results will be published through the following channels: