Sports facilities

No matter what fitness activities you and your family want to take part in, or what sports you want to compete at or achieve with, and no matter where you are located, we have you covered with our facilities all across the UK.

Ship to Shore Facilities 

Whether you are taking part for enjoyment or to boost your family's fitness, whether you are stepping up your competition training or reaching further to achieve higher goals than ever before, our fully equipped and staffed facilities will help take you there.

From bases and barracks, to training sites and air stations, all across the country there are a wide range of local and available facilities to get you fit and stay NAVYfit. Take a look through the facilities below to discover where you can achieve mental, physical and fighting fitness and also for your family to use for recreation and sport.

Some facilities are also available for MOD civil servants and contractors working within the Establishment, as well as for schools and local clubs to hire.

group workout in the sun on deck

Facilitated for fitness

Areas, equipment and rooms to use

Our facilities offer an extensive range of options for your physical fitness, whatever your sporting activity, including:

  • Swimming pools
  • Sports and fitness gyms
  • Outdoor pitches and courts
  • Climbing walls
  • Spinning suites

With many more choices available across our centres, your options are limitless.

Explore your nearest sports centre

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