Beginners, novices and experienced boarders can hone their skills and reach competitive level to win at Service and Inter-Service events.

Royal Navy Snowboarding

Snowboarding is much like skiing, except it uses just the one board which resembles a short, broad ski. Whether you're new to snow sports, a two-ski slider or already an experienced boarder, you can fully enjoy this exciting and exhilarating sport with us. We provide training, instruction and development in Parallel GS, Boarder Cross and Slopestyle disciplines.

All of our snowboard instructors are either serving or ex-serving members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines with many having raced for the Service and first learnt to ski, snowboard or both, at previous Alpine Championships. 

As well as training, we're able to give you help and advice on what equipment you need, (padded shorts can save much pain and bruising, while ski trousers are often too narrow to get over snowboard boots, for example).

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Everyone from across the RN and RM are welcome to get on the slopes with a snowboard, whatever your previous experience and abilities on the snow, skis or board. We'll assess your ability when we see you and take your training regime from there. Typically, there are four ability levels: Beginner - no significant experience, Novice - limited experience, Intermediate - around two seasons experience and Advanced - where development to race, compete or coach is the aim.

To get involved, simply come along to the next Alpine Ski and Snowboard Champs and impress and/or chat with us there, or just get in touch now.

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