Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron

Protecting the HMNB Clyde and safeguarding the UK’s nuclear fleet? It’s all in a day’s work for the Faslane Boat Patrol Squadron.


Archer class at a glance

550 nautical miles

Top range

45 tonnes

Total displacement

25 knots

Top speed

21 metres

Total length

What are we doing?

With just two ships, Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron may be the smallest squadron in the Royal Navy – but given the far-reaching security implications of their duties, they’re also one of the most important.

The squadron’s day-to-day activities could see them undertaking search-and-rescue or weapons training, escorting high-value shipping vessels, or conducting exercises in and around the Firth of Clyde.

Perhaps most importantly of all, they also act as guardians of the Vanguard-class submarines that house the Trident nuclear deterrent. From 2020, they will also protect the Royal Navy’s new generation of hunter-killer submarines: the Astute class.