University Training

The University Royal Naval Units (URNU) are where the Royal Navy finds some of its most promising young officers. Their mission is to broaden understanding of the Royal Navy among university students by offering them a taste of life at sea.



Undergraduates per URNU


Training officers per URNU

24 days

Training per year


URNUs nationwide

What’s in it for the Royal Navy?

With an annual membership pool of around 700 undergraduates from the UK’s top universities, the URNUs are an ideal way for the Royal Navy to meet and develop the potential leaders of tomorrow.

On average, two members from each URNU go on to enjoy Royal Navy officer careers every year. Even those members who choose not to pursue a Naval career will take with them fond memories of their time in the URNU, helping to raise the profile of the Royal Navy and forge valuable links with the civilian world.

Taking charge of a URNU training vessel can also be an important step in the career of a junior officer, giving them the chance to act as Captain of a vessel before such an opportunity would normally be available.