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HMS Raider (P275)

HMS Raider is one of two Archer-class patrol boats that form the Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron (FPBS). Together with her sister ship HMS Tracker, she provides reassurance and protection in and around HMNB Clyde.

The Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron (FPBS) provides reassurance and protection around Faslane and on the River Clyde in Scotland. As well as protecting Britain’s nuclear fleet, they work to support UK and foreign shipping in and out of Faslane.

Raider’s home base is HM Naval Base Clyde – often referred to as Faslane. It is the Royal Navy’s main presence in Scotland. She berths with minehunters such as HMS Shoreham, the Submarine Service, the Northern Diving Group and 43 Commando Fleet Protection. Faslane will also be home to the new Dreadnought-class of ballistic submarines.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

20+ knots

Top speed

21 metres

Total length

54 tonnes

Total displacement

Our skills

Our skills

HMS Raider has a ship’s company of seven. Together, their roles and responsibilities include:

  • 24/7/365 patrol cover
  • Navigation training
  • Gunnery training
  • Regional engagement
  • Providing support on Royal Navy and NATO exercises
  • Personal development
  • Providing force protection

Our operations

Current operation

Maritime Security


British ships and units, which include the Royal Marines, are committed to operations around the world.

Our base

Our base


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Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Charlotte Boak

HMS Raider's role

HMS Raider is a fast, agile patrol boat with a ship’s company of just seven. Alongside her sister ship HMS Tracker, she works hard to provide 24/7/365 reassurance and protection in and around the Clyde, safeguarding both our submarine fleet and shipping coming to and from the UK.

The Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron is one of the busiest teams in the Royal Navy, with 14 crew members and two agile, well-equipped ships.

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