Information Warrior

The wars of the future will be fought not only on the battlefield but in cyberspace too. Information Warrior is the Royal Navy-led exercise to ensure cyber fighting capabilities are at their peak, and the United Kingdom and her allies remain at the forefront of Information Warfare. The Armed Forces and the Defence Industry will work closely to produce a comprehensive cyber fighting capability.



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Why we are there?

The overall aim of Information Warrior is simple but far-reaching: to keep pace with the breath-taking rate of technological change and stay one step ahead of those who would do us harm. 

The Royal Navy must mobilise, modernise and transform to stay ahead of emerging threats in order to set the conditions for future maritime success. It is not just about the equipment; our thinking and how we conduct operations in a digital world must also change to keep pace, to adapt and to succeed.

More specifically, it’s about embedding the concept of Information Warfare in the psyche of the Naval Service at large; finding ways of implementing the programme in a way that’s sustainable and appropriate, and making the Royal Navy a world-leader in all aspects of Information Warfare.