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Coastal forces turn foe for final carrier exercises
Canadian vessels move to Baltic after brief Portsmouth stop
First basic trainees pass out of Collingwood in half a century

04 May 2021

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Trident tested – Royal Navy joins allied navies in major Gulf minehunting workout
Navy completes 10,000-mile Covid vaccine dash to remote Atlantic island
Carrier Strike Group deployment to visit 40 countries
Trainee sailors’ outdoor skills tested on Salisbury Plain

01 April 2021

Topic:Operational activityTraining

Minehunter Blyth completes NATO mission with return to Scotland for Easter
Grandads’ wars inspire sailor Ben on HMS Trent’s next mission
Portland ahoy! Frigate back at sea after massive revamp

26 March 2021

Topic:Operational activityTraining

Third strike from HMS Montrose as Navy bags £3m drugs
Royal Navy revives days of sail with training on tall ship

17 March 2021

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Royal Navy completes workout with Baltic Navies
Royal Navy sailors make history on winter mission to Arctic
Trainee RN photographer's historic pictures project

23 February 2021

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HMS Montrose deals double blow to drug runners in £11m busts